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Frequenlty Asked Questions

FREESTREAM is a Live Streaming and Hardware Development company. We have one focus: to create devices that allow content creators to monitor and live stream from all types of cameras affordably. FREESTREAM empowers filmmakers to do more with their cameras than ever before.

We made FREESTREAM to be affordable for all. Our signal distance is outstanding, allowing you to transmit from your camera up to 500 meters away to your receiver. You can customize your transmission quality through our application, as well as live stream to social platforms.

Our iOS Application can be downloaded here. Our Android App will be out very soon, still under development.

Almost no time at all! From set up to monitoring takes about 2 minutes, depending how quickly you can move your fingers. Live streaming (if you’ve activated your social media accounts to stream) is just as fast.

There might be a small delay depending on signal quality. It’s virtually real time for production monitoring. From starting your live stream to it broadcasting on your social platform can take up to 30 seconds, but this delay is on the live streaming platforms' end.

Our receiver is Wi-Fi enabled so you can connect through your iOS devices’ Wi-Fi. If you are using our Professional or Universal versions, you can also connect to any monitor via HDMI.

We have tested the freestream on many prosumer camera systems but we have not tested everyone one, nor have we tested every switcher, monitor, or other input or ouput device, so we can not guarantee results or troublehsoot all systems.

You can connect multiple monitors if you have an HDMI splitter. You can also have one of our receivers connected to up to 4 different iOS devices.

4 channels, means 4 devices, means 4 cameras at once!

4 handheld devices, plus one HDMI monitor

Technically, no. However, all of our devices are water resistant, so you shouldn't be afraid of throwing our transmitters on your snowboard.

Our iOS Application, which can be found here. Has a STREAM section where you can connect your social platform (Youtube, Facebook, or Twitch) or use a custom RMTP url. You can customize your live stream and with the GO LIVE button our app uses your phones data to connect to the internet.

We've been asked about various specific use cases for the FREESTREAM. Unfortunately, we have not tested the Freestream in every possibly scenario, so we can accurately let you know how it will perform in certain situations. We have tested the Freestream on Set, at Concerts, in Bedrooms, and in Remote Locations. The Freestream always works best with line of sight with little interference.

You have the option to choose a range between 220kbps - 8mbps through our application.

There is not an affordable way for the FREESTREAM device to support HDSDI/BNC. It would impact price as well as the compact size of the product. We are currently working on releasing a higher end product that will allow for HDSDI.

In the unlikely circumstance of any defective units, you will be able to ship to our headquarters in Los Angeles (paid postage provided of course), and we will send you a replacement unit at no cost to you as soon as we receive the defective unit. We want to make your experience with FREESTREAM amazing. Please visit our Warranty page to submit a claim.

TWe stand behind our products and will replace items that fall within our one year warranty; however, we do not offer refund or returns on products that were received as a Kickstarter reward. Crowdfunding is an amazing tool that allows people to get their ideas off the ground. Kickstarter is not a store and our "reward levels" are the way that we say thank you for supporting us (and trust us, we are VERY grateful). For all other Returns, see our policy here